The Story So Far…

As the power of the gods of Evil wanes and the might of the gods of Good increases exponentially the unaligned pantheon has become concerned. Should events continue on the current path then the forces of Good will utterly annihilate all others. The breaking point for the Neutral gods came when one of their own turned his back on them. With Corellon’s defection it was decided that action needed to be taken lest none remain save the gods of Good. The gods of Evil were informed that not only would they be unopposed by the Neutral gods but would be aided by them in this new undertaking. It was decided that agents would be chosen to carry out a mission to undermine the Alliance wherever and however possible. An army would be too obvious and too easily destroyed by the Alliance, but a small group of agents would be able to infiltrate the Alliance and undermine their efforts and power.

Powerful wizards or renown fighters would be too easily discovered. Instead a group of four capable adventurers were chosen. Whether it be their specific background, unique talents, or particular cunning it was decided these four would have the best chance of success. Over the past weeks they have been gathering information and thwarting the Alliance in small but not insignificant ways. Now they deem themselves ready and move to counter the Alliance in larger and more specific forms.

A Point of Darkness Within the Light