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The War

The world of Ascalos had been in turmoil for centuries. Evil forces ran rampant and all free peoples lived in fear. Additionally, the long standing war between the Dragonborn Arkhosian Empire and the Human empire of Bael Turath only served to weaken the nations further. The tipping point came when the nobles of Bael Turath made a pact with Asmodeus and his devils in order to win the war. Those who agreed to the pact were transformed into devilish creatures and the Tieflings were born. Many citizens rebelled at this act and they turned to the Church of the Light for aid. The Church considered the tieflings abominations and abhorred the pact that was made with Asmodeus. A holy war was declared and the Church set out to create an alliance of the various nations in order to defeat Bael Turath once and for all. Three nations came forward to answer the crusade along with many of the humans who had fled Bael Turath. With the Church spearheading the effort and the allied nations working together, the mighty empire of Bael Turath fell. Those tieflings that still lived were scattered to the four corners of the land and any remnant of Bael Turath was ground beneath the heel of the victors.

The Aftermath

With Bael Turath destroyed the victors looked upon the rest of the world and saw the rampant evil that existed. Bandits, monsters, nefarious wizards and their ilk ruled the land unchecked. The leaders of the victorious powers gathered together and decided something had to be done. In the end it was decided that some sort of confederacy would need to be formed in order to defeat such evil. Bael Turath was destroyed by an alliance of nations and so would the evil that plagued the world be destroyed. The five nations came together and formed the Alliance of Supremacy, a confederation dedicated to eradicating the evil that would threaten their way of life and protecting their citizens and lands from all else.

The Crusades

With their resolve bolstered the Alliance now set out to eradicate the evil that threatened their way of life. It became obvious to them that no force could defy the their power and so they turned their sights to the rest of the lands of Ascalos. Whether by politic, steel, or magic the forces of darkness were pushed further and further back into the corners and shadows of the world. As they fought and struggled together, the nations of the Alliance began to assert their individual identities. Each nation aligned itself with a particular deity of the light and received their boons and blessings. Additionally, many of the nations craftsmen, soldiers, and citizens began to focus on specific trades and disciplines on which they were suited. Eventually each nation became a bastion of their specific vocations and powerful kingdoms were born.

Kingdoms Are Born

As the alliance battled against the forces of darkness they each began to assert their influence in the world. As their power grew, so did their lands and citizens. The peoples of Ascalos finally found solace from the constant predations that had existed previously. The Alliance nations offered protection and solace to any who desired it as long as they agreed to the laws and ways of life of their lands and swore an oath to oppose all others. Many disagreed with this but swore the oath anyway as the choice was easy for most: Become a citizen of one of the Alliance nations or be left to the wilds of the world.

Nations of the Alliance:

The Arkhosian Empire – Ancient Dragonborn empire

The Kingdom of Tol Barad – Recently formed Human kingdom, greatly influenced by the Church of the Light

The Mageocracy of Beth’or – Mostly Eladrin and Elven collective of arcane practitioners

The Thanedom of Anvilmar – Vast yet archaic Dwarven thanedom

The Nation of Kezan – Halfling trade empire

Main Page

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