The Kingdom of Tol Barad

Before the Alliance of Supremacy were ever even a thought, one of the major powers of Ascalos was the human empire of Bael Turath. Humans had always been ambitious and ingenious and deft hands at almost any profession or study so it was no surprise that their empire rose quickly. With this power came land, power, and a great deal of wealth. The nobles of the empire quickly became decadent and corrupt and many of its citizens followed. The preachings of the gods of light, especially Pelor, were considered too controlling and puritan. Their priests were quickly ousted and their temples overtaken for other purposes. While many citizens of the Empire were concerned and some disgusted by this turn of events, they trusted in their emperor and protection he offered from the evils of Ascalos.

The Emperor of Bael Turath quickly grew power hungry and saw the Arkhosian Empire as a threat. The dragonborn empire was powerful and with the support of the metallic dragons was often thought invincible. The Emperor knew that if he could defeat Arkhosia his might on Ascalos would be unchallenged. Thus began the Great War between the mighty nations of Arkhosia and Bael Turath. The war was initially a great success for Bael Turath. The dragonborn were not expecting such an attack and many lands quickly fell and were annexed. But, the Emperor of Bael Turath had greatly underestimated the Arkhosians. Quickly the tide turned and with the help of the mighty metallic dragons and their patron Bahamut, the Turathians were pushed back.

As Bael Turath began losing ground, and quite possibly the war, the Emperor turned to his nobles and sages and demanded a solution. He would not cede his empire to the dragonborn and would do whatever it took to destroy them. From this demand came the eventual idea that would lead to the downfall of Bael Turath. It was decided that the nobles of Bael Turath would make a pact with Asmodeus and his devils. In return for the ultimate power that would enable them to defeat Arkhosia, they would turn over themselves and their souls to The Usurper. With the deal complete, the nobles of Bael Turath were transformed into devilish tieflings. Many of the citizens and soldiers were sold to Asmodeus by the Emperor and his nobles and they too were transformed. Bael Turath now had its tool to victory.

As the Empire marched anew against Arkhosia as tieflings, many citizens of Bael Turath who had refused the pact had drawn the line. Obviously their emperor and nobles were insane for what they had done. Therefore a mass exodus of citizens of Bael Turath was organized. Several clerics and paladins of the Church of the Light had been able to return and infiltrate Bael Turath and it was these same clergy who helped the betrayed citizens escape. While not in and of itself a nation, the Church of Light did hold influence over a sizeable portion of land on Ascalos. It was here that the refugees from Bael Turath were welcomed and invited to settle.

The refugees were quick to build towns of their own and soon their numbers swelled. More and more were fleeing from Bael Turath to the safety of Tol Barad, the name of the new human lands. By the time the Church of the Light called for the crusade against Bael Turath, Tol Barad had become a small power in its own right. They had zealously taken up the faith of the Church of the Light and its patron Pelor. Additionally, the Patriarch of the Church had named a king of Tol Barad to help unify its people under a single banner. And while the citizens of Tol Barad respected their new king and proud of their achievements in such a short time, they knew their saviors had been the Church of the Light and so still much influence with them lay with the Patriarch and his bishops.

The Kingdom of Tol Barad

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