The Mageocracy of Beth'or

Before the Alliance of Supremacy the city-state of Beth’or was merely a place of learning for those who would practice the arcane arts. Only Elves and Eladrin were allowed within the city and to study within its archives and no true ruler existed. The most powerful magi vied and politicked for power among their fellows but no official leader existed. Mostly reclusive and self-interested, the magi of Beth’or did not concern themselves with the outside world, confident of the strength of their protective magics. This attitude would be responsible for the single worst day in Beth’or’s history.

Vecna had coveted the magic and secrets of Beth’or for years. He had been biding his time and strengthening his forces. At last, with the dwarves isolated in their mountains and holes and the Arkhosians at war with Bael Turath, the time was right. Vecna’s forces struck quickly. The magical defenses of Beth’or quickly fell and the minions of Vecna swarmed over the magi and their treasures. Some of the magi tried to fight back but most saw they were impossibly outnumbered and fled with what artifacts, books, and treasures that they could. After looting and pillaging all they could find, the servants of Vecna left the city in ruins as a testament to their god’s might.

After seeing the wholesale destruction that had be delivered upon them, the magi of Beth’or despaired. In their desperation they called out to their creator and patron, Corellon, god of magic and the wilds. Corellon, hearing their cry and witnessing the destruction Vecna had wrought, sought out the assistance of the other deities. The gods of Evil were gleeful at the destruction and the other gods of Neutrality considered what happened had been punishment on Beth’or for its hubris. Therefore Corellon turned to the gods of Good as a last resort. Having no love for Vecna or what he had done the gods of Good agreed to act. Avandra promised that the halflings would provide any monetary support needed to assist the rebuilding and defense of Beth’or. Pelor agreed that the Church of the Light would provide food, shelter, aid and healing to any who required it. And Moradin would have the dwarves open their strongholds and come forth to ply their stonework at the rebuilding of Beth’or.

Grateful for all the help and assistance the remaining magi of Beth’or promised to no longer seal themselves away from the rest of the world. They would welcome members and citizens from any race and train any who showed an aptitude for the arcane. Additionally, Beth’or would be ruled by a council of nine magi who would be responsible for the welfare of the city, its inhabitants, and its neighbors. For these reasons, not long after this when the crusade was declared upon Bael Turath and the call for an alliance arose, the Mageocracy of Beth’or was the first to answer the call.

The Mageocracy of Beth'or

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