The Thanedom of Anvilmar

The Thanedom of Anvilmar has existed for as long as anyone can remember. The Thanedom is actually older than even the Arkhosian Empire. The dwarves of Anvilmar inhabit a vast system of caverns and tunnels all through the mountains of Ascalos and beneath its surface. Masters of stonework, the dwarves transformed these natural creations into vast cities and sprawling underground vistas of stone. While they do trade their precious metals, gems, and highly sought after metalwork, Anvilmar has never been overly concerned with events and inhabitants of the surface world. The most prominent reason for this is that with their cities so close to the Underdark they are constantly on guard from its seemingly endless threats. Over the centuries entire wars have been fought beneath the surface of Ascalos, the surface dwelling races being entirely unaware.

Over the past two centuries the random attacks from the Underdark became less frequent. Additionally, the dwarves had begun to become accustomed to the attacks and they became almost a common aspect of life.

After the forces of Vecna had attacked the mage city of Beth’or, the priests of Anvilmar received word that their patron Moradin required them to help rebuild the city of the magi. In doing so, it was discovered that several of the dwarven contingent posessed an aptitude for the arcane. Always before it had been thought that the dwarves had no capacity for magic. It was therefore an anomaly and a surprise that it was dwarves who became the first non-fey citizens of Beth’or.

When the crusade against Bael Turath was called by the Church of the Light, the Thane of Anvilmar was eager to the respond. The dwarves had never held any love for the Emperor of Bael Turath and his scheming nobles. Therefore a large contingent of dwarven troops were sent to aid Arkhosia against the tieflings. Not surprisingly, it was while these dwarven troops were away that another attack from the Underdark came. This time, however, it was very much bolstered. Two unlikely allies had come together to challenge the dwarves. The Spider Queen of the Demonweb Pits, Lolth, and The King that Crawls, Torog, lord of the Underdark had agreed to work together… if only briefly. This time the invaders from the Underdark were strengthed by all number of drow and spiders from Lolth. And from Torog, the deepest abominations of the Underdark rose up, commanded by his unholy wrackspawn. The remaining dwarven defenders were hard pressed to hold back this attack. Much ground had to be ceded to the invaders before their attack could be stopped. In the aftermath, several cities, much land, and innumerable dwarven lives had been lost the creatures of the Underdark. The Thane immediately recalled his troops to help bolster the defenses but he despaired nonetheless. There were not enough troops left to defend against another attack and he feared even if reinforcements did arrive in time, they would not be enough as they attackers would surely bring more of their own.

The pride of the dwarves had been that they had never required the add of any others in the building and defense of their great Thanedom. Now however, surrounded by enemies and greatly weakened, the Thane of Anvilmar sent out a dire request to the other nations. Just as they had aided Arkhosia, now Anvilmar required the same. The call was heard and every other nation responded. From Arkhosia came powerful dragonborn soldiers and mighty metallic dragons. From Beth’or came masters of magic and the arcane. Though the newly formed Kingdom of Tol Barad was still growing they sent powerful paladins and clerics of Pelor. And from Kezan, the powerful guilds and trade princes sent their most cunning agents.

When the forces of Lolth and Torog attacked again, expecting little resistance, they instead met with the full might of what would soon be the Alliance of Supremacy. The forces of the Underdark were swiftly broken and pushed back into their gloomy realm. Yet, the forces of light did not stop there. The memory of the evils of Bael Turath were still fresh in their mind and they therefore sought further vengeance on the forces of darkness. As a blow to Lolth, major enclaves of power and cities of the Drow were destroyed. Any surviving drow fled for their lives to smaller outposts and cities on the outskirts of the deep Underdark. As for Torog, many of his servants were slaughtered and several of his exarchs were banished back to his dark realm. His hold over many of the denizens of the Underdark was broken and his power vastly reduced. The dwarves of Anvilmar celebrated like never before at this great victory. And when the Alliance of Supremacy was formed, the Thane of Anvilmar eagerly joined.

The Thanedom of Anvilmar

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